I am a Neurotic Addict

Posted on by Kevin.

This is a guest blog written by Alex, a participant in my
cyber addiction recovery groups, and the subject of several pages of my book (159-163). In the piece that follows, Alex gets to the heart of his problem. Alex will also be posting tomorrow.

Some people have a passion for learning, while others find their mojo in sports. I have many friends whose passion is people; they spend their ener…

NFL Player Discusses Addiction

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I had a lengthy phone discussion today with an NFL defensive lineman, Quinn Pitcock. At first glance, the two of us could not be more different. But, striking similarities emerged in the first few minutes of conversation.

Like me, Quinn has struggled with depression and anxiety and views his video gaming behavior as an attempt to escape and avoid. He told me about the time warp that gaming puts…

Cyber Addiction: It’s in Your Genes

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Not everyone who plays video games, texts, or surfs the Net becomes addicted. That’s most certainly true. Our brains as well as genetics seem to explain why. Some people are simply at higher risk of developing an addiction.  Looking at my family tree, I have no doubt that I was born with an elevated risk for addiction. Alcohol, marijuana, crack, gambling, and food addiction are some of the know…

Your Brain in the Cyberworld

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I lost a job because I consistently showed up late. Gaming into the wee hours cut into my sleep, so I never could get up on time. When I first stopped gaming, I continued short-changing my sleep by marathon online chatting sessions with people all over the world. I hated myself for this irresponsible behavior, but nevertheless, I would go home from work and start playing my game the minute I walke…

The Cyber World: Mother’s Motivational Ally

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My friend Terry Matlen runs a website called Moms with ADD. She asked me to write an article that would help her readers effectively navigate the cyber world for their children. Although geared toward ADHDers, this article is useful to most parents.

I am not a mother, but I might as well be. I run study groups out of my home for ADHD kids and I am an adult with ADHD as well. I see 30-40 kids pe…