The Science of ADHD: Research Update

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ADHD has been in the news quite a bit this past week. Today we will discuss scientific current events relating to suicide and stimulant medication, drug addiction and ADHD, and the link between the disorder and childhood exposure to anesthesia. This is an opportunity for us to delve more deeply into the neurobiological nature of ADHD, to move beyond armchair psychology and into the nuts and bolts…

ADHD: A Choice?

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From time to time, we all forget where we left our keys. The responsibilities of life sometimes get so overwhelming that we show up late to work or school on rare occasion as well. Most of us procrastinate to some extent, and the vast majority of us wait until April 14 to do our taxes. Certainly, everyone has blurted out something inappropriate in class or at a meeting at one time or another. Are…

Video Game Obsession Gone Incredibly Wrong

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Recent news stories have featured the arrest of Kim Schmitz, a.k.a. Kim Dotcom.  His illegal download-facilitation company, Megaupload, has helped defraud artists and copyright holders of at least hundreds of millions of dollars.  I am a published author, and I appreciate the very, very modest income stream I get from that.  So, scammers like Dotcom turn my stomach.  They produce nothing and…

ADHD: Creative Solutions

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Zach is typical of many thirteen-year-old ADHD boys. He hates school, loves video games, and lives in a house that has become a virtual minefield. Someone in his house regularly goes ballistic. School is one constant metal-against-the-chalkboard experience for Zach. As the school day moves forward, his negativity builds. By 6th or 7th hour, he is on the verge of exploding. He often gets sent out o…

Educator says fun is key to help students with ADHD succeed – NBC WDIV

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Fun can be the currency to help students excel in classroom
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DETROIT - An educator in Bloomfield Township opens his home to high school students several nights a week.

Kevin Roberts is an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder specialist.

He holds study sessions for high school students who have ADHD or other learning challenges after school at hi…