ADHD in Business: Five Lessons from the Life of Oskar Schindler

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I have spent over a decade and travelled to Poland and the Czech Republic over a dozen times to research the life of Oskar Schindler. His example of heroism stands out not only because of the magnitude of his deeds, saving 1200 of his Jewish workers from the fires of the Holocaust, but also because he failed at almost every other endeavor he put his hand to. Having combed through hundreds of docum…

Is ADHD a Gift?

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I have wrestled with this question long and hard. I cannot answer “yes,” nor can I answer “no.” I have many friends, people I respect and trust, who believe it important to focus on the positives of the condition, but I have many other trusted individuals who are not so sure. Last year, I travelled to Boston to meet with Dr. Joseph Biederman, one of the world’s great experts on ADHD, to…

The Root of My Alienation: My Brain

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I read a recent article in Attitude magazine that has my brain spinning. It covered three features of ADHD that it envisions as unifying. The first two—interest-driven attention and emotional hyperarousal—I have thought about a great deal. The last one, Rejection Sensitivity, has caused me to revisit a lot of aspects and events of my whole life. People with rejection sensitivity, like me…

Am I a Loser? Unmasking Toxic Shame

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This is the first in a series of three posts that examine toxic shame, an often unexamined but potent psychological force.

I am unsure when this question first entered my mind, but it often plagues me. I know that by the time I entered high school, I already felt I lived along the social margins. I did not fit in, struggled to connect with my peers, and, although certain I was intelligent, I di…

Partnered with Detroit Children’s Hospital and ABC’s 20/20 on Digital Addiction

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Kevin Roberts partnered with the Detroit Children's Hospital and ABC's 20/20 Team for a special broadcast on Digital Addiction.
Stunning interviews & video diaries with families who say Facebook, video games, and cell phones are destroying their daily lives. How do they unplug?
ABC 20/20

Watch the entire episode here, or view the trailer below:…