Be Quiet in the Library… and Play Your Video Game!

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Cutting-edge librarian, Maggie Hommel, has created video gaming programs at the Park Ridge Public Library in Illinois.  Hommel embarked on this course of action because she sees “gaming as fulfilling the developmental needs of teenagers through physical movement, social interaction, competition, achievement, and self-definition.”

Libraries all around the country, realizing the central plac…

Reversing the Sedentary Trend among America’s Youth

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A recent study showed that the growing sedentary trend among America’s youth can be reversed. The study, published in the July issue of Pediatrics , found that greater amounts of physical activity in young people correlates with decreased amounts of screen time. Researchers surveyed 5,685 households and 7,415 youngsters ages nine to fifteen. One striking feature of their findings strongly sugges…


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One aspect of ADD folks that parents, spouses, teachers, therapists and other professionals fail to appreciate is that many of the behaviors that interfere with classroom functioning and interpersonal relationships are driven by the ADHD individual's need to create stimulation and, thus, "turn on" their brains. Dr. Daniel Amen makes the distinction that these behaviors are brain-driven, not will-d…


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Bold Adventurers, Class Clowns and William Shakespeare
The biggest secret being kept about ADHD folks is that a good many of us are just plain fun. We make life exciting through our natural inclinations to interrupt routines and ignore expectations. We provide the world with a natural antidote to boredom since we constantly scan the horizon for novelty and excitement and are typically more than e…