ADHD Coaching and Support

Empowering Individuals to Achieve Their Dreams

My mission statement is brief: I want to empower ADHD individuals to uncover and use their strengths and talents to achieve their dreams.

My name is Kevin Roberts, and I am an adult who has been both gifted and challenged with ADHD. I have a rather unique and, I hope, refreshing perspective. I taught for several years at a school for the gifted. In that environment I learned of the relatively high incidence of ADHD in the gifted population. It was at this time that I discovered both my own ADHD and my unique ability to connect with ADHD folks—to help them to develop the strategies they need for success based on their own unique aptitudes.

From the very beginning of any coaching relationship, I intensely challenge my clients to identify their strengths and from that awareness, we move into setting realistic and achievable goals. I coach from a place of celebration and from a deep passion to help my clients discover the unique gifts that they have to offer to the world. Some of the most creative minds in human history were probably ADHD, and I believe that many of the gifts that ADHD young people possess are crushed under the enormous weight of educational systems that do not honor their differences.

I provide individual and family coaching. Most of my clients are students and I help them develop strategies to be successful academically as well as inter-personally: Goal setting, time management, alternate study strategies, academic techniques, and more important than all of these, I help people believe in themselves and their power to change!

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