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I am Kevin Roberts and I specialize in changing lives. I have 20 years experience helping different learners and unique young people succeed.  I am deeply steeped in the knowledge of brain science and the traps surrounding the overuse of technology. The seminars I give around the world, the books I write, and my coaching work all have one aim: to empower my clients to use their natural gifts to change the world.

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COVID-19 Update

Due to this global crisis, I am now offering online coaching, support, and services. I am adept at Skype, Facetime, and Zoom. I will work you with your favorite communication technology. My energy and passion to help comes across loud and clear, even online.

I know that lots of people are struggling with school, studying, and homework. I am here to make sure you do not fall behind and to make you the best student you can possibly be. Check out my upcoming homework club events, or for something more personal, sign up for my 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.

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Are you looking for someone to help you or your child succeed? If you need academic, ADHD, or cyber addiction support, let me help.

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Posted on August 20th 2018

I have wrestled with this question long and hard. I cannot answer “yes,” nor can I answer “no.” I have many friends, people I respect and trust, who believe it important to focus on the positi…

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Posted on July 25th 2018

I read a recent article in Attitude magazine that has my brain spinning. It covered three features of ADHD that it envisions as unifying. The first two—interest-driven attention and emotional hype…

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Posted on July 13th 2017

This is the first in a series of three posts that examine toxic shame, an often unexamined but potent psychological force. I am unsure when this question first entered my mind, but it often plagues…

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Posted on September 12th 2016

If you want to learn how to manage your technology use, check me out on this video for CRUSHER TV This blog entry is written by Jeff Bean after his week-long Facebook fast. I take particular pride…

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Posted on April 19th 2016

This post is written by a sophomore student who is part of my homeschool group. He watched the movie, Defiance, which details the struggles of a Jewish family who save others from the clutches of the…

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