ADHD Success through Fun!

Posted on by Kevin.

I have amassed an armory of ADHD-approved methods, drawing on my own experiences as a student in school, four years as a classroom teacher, and the last thirteen years as an ADHD and academic coach. I now run what I call ADHD Study Groups. Kids come for a period of three to four hours—sometimes longer—and we work on school, take video game breaks, eat pizza, and have fun, which is the most imp…

Give the Gift of Balance

Posted on by Kevin.

As your children make their holiday wish lists, video games, smart phones, iPads, and perhaps expensive headphones will likely top the page. As you ponder which items to buy, keep in mind that your purchases carry power. Please use that power wisely. What you choose to buy can help enhance your child’s life and improve chances for success. Conversely, your decisions on digital media could contri…

Confessions of a World of Warcraft Addict

Posted on by Kevin.

The following is another blog in our series of true stories in which cyber addicts openly discuss their situation. Randy messaged me through Facebook and wanted to discuss his addiction. A young adult with ADHD, Randy exemplifies the tendency for ADHDers to make excessive use of the offerings of the cyber world, a fact that disturbingly parallels the increased incidence of addiction among people w…

Portal to Proposal: Marriage through the Cyber World

Posted on by Kevin.

This blog post was written by Alex Puzey, recovering cyber addict and frequent contributor.  Alex, whose life used to play out only online, wonders if the real world is starting to go cyber.

The tendency for human life to play out through the cyber world is only intensifying. Social networking via Facebook, Twitter, and blogging continue to supplant face-to-face contact.  Human life increasin…

Confessions of a Cyber Addict

Posted on by Kevin.

The following post is from Sara (not her real name). She is an eighteen-year-old woman who is looking forward to going away to college. Unfortunately, her cyber past still seems to be haunting her. She has struggled with some emotional and family issues, and was even put into a treatment center. Her very open email that she sent to me today shows many of the telltale signs of the cyber struggle. S…