Online Gamers Anonymous

In the tradition of the 12-Steps, the organization conducts online meetings and gives its members access to support from people all over the world.  OLGA is member supported.  Daily meetings take place online, a medium with which addicted gamers are intimately acquainted.  The group’s website features articles, message boards, references for professional intervention and tips for recovery from video gaming addiction.  The group adds 10 new members every day.

Consult with Kevin Roberts

Consult with Kevin. Kevin advises cyber addicts and their loved ones around the country. Take advantage of Kevin’s introductory offer for a 10-minute phone consultation for just twenty dollars. Let Kevin guide you with his personal and professional experience to help you chart a course toward wholeness. Simply click here to set up an appointment.

Outward Bound

For some video game addicts, intense intervention is needed.  I have had several students/clients of mine who turned their lives around at Outward Bound programs.  Outward Bound seeks to build character and encourage self-discovery through challenge and adventure, and to impel them to achieve more than they ever thought possible, to show compassion for others and to actively engage in creating a better world. The organization?s programs teach problem-solving, setting goals and interpersonal communication, skills which addicted video gamers lack.  Totally isolation from electronics gives participants space to reflect on their lives.  The program also encourages them to find a way to contribute to their communities and make a difference in the world.

Aspen Education Group

Those who attend Outward Bound usually do so voluntarily.  For those who refuse such options, therapeutic wilderness training programs may be appropriate.  Aspen Education Group (AEG) has extensive experience dealing with the video-game-addicted teen.  AEG has been experiencing a huge influx of young people who are checking out of life, refusing to go to school and gaming obsessively.  AEG participants live off the land in the wilderness for at least a few months.  They become part of a small group, or ‘family’ unit, and each member is expected to carry out his or her share of family responsibilities.  Privileges depend on successful completion of requirements.  Interaction within the small groups develops social skills and emotional literacy.  Daily group and frequent individual therapy help participants deal with their psychological issues.  Families of a child in the program are encouraged to work on their own issues so that they can provide a healthier environment when their child returns.  I have had several clients attend Aspen programs and the success rate has been high.  The cost, however, is somewhat prohibitive.

Illinois Institute for Recovery

The Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery has extensive experience with internet and video game addictions.  The facility has recently received a good deal of positive media attention.  I have never had a client admitted there, but I have heard from colleagues of mine good things about their results.  They have programs for video game and internet addiction that range from 30-90 days with the possibility of extended stay.

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