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ADHD: Marge S.

Posted on by Kevin.

Kevin was referred to us by the head of our local CHADD chapter. We were looking for someone who understood the challenges of a student with ADD, and would be an academic coach, rather than just a tutor working on specific subjects or assignments. Our son was 15 at the time, had struggled with school for years, and in ninth grade was losing ground every week due to work either incomplete or lost. He definitely had the aptitude to do well, but doubted his ability.

We’d previously received assistance from various tutors (in school and out), homework clinics, and counseling to help with his academic and organizational challenges. Although each professional was able to offer some assistance, unfortunately most were a ‘band aid’ fix. As parents, we were both parent and ‘homework cop,” which caused endless friction in the house, and did not yield appreciable success. Kevin established an instant “no nonsense” rapport with our son, discussing the how and why of the ADD student’s life.

Kevin has been so much more than just a coach to our son. He’s pointed out when we (parents) may be having unreasonable expectations, and when we need to respond more firmly. In addition to one-on-one tutoring and supervised group study sessions, Kevin keeps in contact with our son by phone, email and text messaging. offering reminders and encouragement throughout the week. Kevin has a good working relationship with our son’s school and teachers. Kevin attended the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meeting, providing crucial input on learning modifications and objectives.

Our son enjoys school so much more now that he’s experiencing success. He appreciates having Kevin as an advocate, tutor, coach and friend. His grades, confidence, and well-being have improved. Each of our family treasures Kevin’s abilities, kindness, humor and friendship. We have no reservation about recommending him.

Marge S.