ADHD: Dr. Rashmin Tamhne

Posted on by Kevin.

Having attended two ‘Kevin Roberts Presentations’ so far – one a ‘podium-delivered lecture’ at the ADDISS International Conference, the other a workshop, I can say with hand on my heart that I have rarely come across a better communicator of substance involving a topic, nor have I seen a more effective motivator of people, especially ones caught-up in the vicissitudes of life! At the heart of Kevin’s presentational success is his persona: a genuine warmth for people, combined with a strong feeling of empathy for ‘the underdog,’ both merging into his sharp intellect and a genius for vivid imagination and theatricality. Taken together, these produce an activism of the most heart-warming kind! Being at a ‘Kevin Roberts workshop’ inevitably turns out to be a unique and memorable experience for everyone in the audience, be it a young person or an elderly one.  Kevin doesn’t follow a ‘fixed plan’ for his session; rather, he creates a ‘session plan’ in a participative manner involving the entire audience, the eventual proceedings precisely reflecting the need/s of those present. Kevin’s manner of engaging with the audience is unique and inimitable: it entails high-energy drama with tireless movements, interspersed with earthy humor and eloquent poetry; bursting into songs; all of which is aimed at breaking long-established emotional inhibitions, and barriers to verbal communication so often seen in an audience of people with ADHD and their families.

For all his theatricality and emotional intensity, however, Kevin rarely deviates from the central focus of his presentations, namely ‘How did we get here’ and ‘What can we do ourselves to get out of the current unfavorable circumstances’. Indeed, it’s towards the end of a session that one begins to comprehend the ‘method in Kevin’s apparent madness’, realizing the most magical, and self-empowering nature of the experience one is having! I can only say that taken in its totality, ‘Kevin Roberts Experience’ leads a participant high into the sky, above the dark clouds, into a beautifully clear realm of possibilities to help oneself; of being able to change one’s adverse life-circumstances for better. A ‘journey of self-discovery,’ to put in a nut-shell! The impact of the magical experience stays even upon return to real-life – it’s hard to lose what is so wonderfully honed into one’s mind by a superb educator in the shape of Kevin Roberts! Even for a pediatrician like me, well-versed with the ‘ins and outs’ of teaching and education, attending Kevin’s workshop has been an instructive experience; a lesson in ‘How to help those In need help themselves’!”

Dr. Rashmin Tamhne, MD, MRCPCH Consultant Pediatrician