My Teacher Doesn’t Like Me

Posted on by Kevin.

As the school year begins, it is important to observe your child’s feelings about his or her teacher. The relationship that is forged this first month can be crucial to the rest of the school year, and, of course, the relationships students have with teachers make a major impact on self-perception, self-esteem, and confidence. ADHD children have a much higher likelihood of falling into the trap of thinking, “The teacher doesn’t like me.” As a parent, you must watch out for this potential pitfall, and intervene as quickly as possible. Once a teacher-student relationship runs amok, the damage is often irreversible.

In the eHow videos below, I give you some important steps to follow both in starting things off on the right foot, and in repairing the interpersonal dynamic. As in all relationships, it does take two to Tango, so you have to approach the problem from the teacher’s perspective as well as that of the student.  This eHow video gives you tips on how to start off the school year right.

Children, however, are not always forthcoming about how things are going in school, and with 30-40 students in some classroom, teachers often wait until conferences before communicating.  You have to be prepared, therefore, for the worst.  This next eHow video gives you some tips on how to cultivate a productive mindset that takes both sides of the problem into account.

These two videos represent merely a start.  What I’d like you to take away from this article, and these videos, is the importance of fostering a positive connection with your child’s teacher.  It can pay huge dividends down the road.


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  2. As a current high school student, I feel that it is vital for parent’s to have a good connection with their child’s teachers and to constantly keep-up-to-date on their child’s progress and consistency. This is true especially for video game addicts because many of them aren’t consistent with turning in assignments or studying for tests. Constant contact with teachers can inform parents early that their child isn’t being productive and they can put an end to it early before it becomes a major problem. What is your opinion on parents having constant contact with teachers, do you think it is beneficial because of the aforementioned reasons or detrimental because the child will be embarrassed and lash out at the parents for being too ‘nosy’ and ‘in their business’ and make the problem worse?

    Personally, I know students who turn in half-ass assignments and act disrespectful and loud just because they don’t like the teacher, but are personable, helpful, and turn in quality assignments to teachers that understand them and who they took a liking too. I think both students and teachers need to strive to form good connections with each other to have a fun and productive classroom!

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    • Good connections are crucial, and should be the priority of every teacher, AND STUDENT!

      Posted on by Kevin (Author)
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