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ADHD: Susan W.

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Dear Parents, I have offered to write this letter of recommendation for Kevin Roberts because I feel very strongly about the impact he has had on the life of my son, Ryan. When my son was in sixth grade, he began to experience intense anxiety which progressed to a point where he was having difficulty… Read more

ADHD: Lee C.

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When I hired Kevin to work with my daughter, I thought I was getting an academic coach who might help relieve some of my daughter’s self-imposed pressure regarding her school work (She is not comfortable in any class where the A grade is not easily attainable).  I had no idea that her relationship with Kevin… Read more

Academics: Terry Matlen

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There aren’t enough words of praise that would do justice in describing how lucky we were to have Kevin Roberts on our ‘team’ when my daughter was preparing for her SATs. Kevin taught my daughter not only how to prepare for the exam by showing her what she needed to study, but he gave her… Read more