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My name is Kevin J. Roberts, and I've made it my focus to transform lives for the better. Whether it's through ADHD or academic support, cyber addiction coaching, public speaking engagements and seminars, or my numerous books and articles, I help my clients unlock their inherent potential to change the world.

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Partnered with Detroit Children’s Hospital and ABC’s 20/20 on Digital Addiction

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Kevin Roberts partnered with the Detroit Children’s Hospital and ABC’s 20/20 Team for a special broadcast on Digital Addiction. Stunning interviews & video diaries with families who say Facebook, video games, and cell phones are destroying their daily lives. How do they unplug? ABC 20/20 Watch the entire episode here, or view the trailer below:… Read more

Connection Addiction on Ohio Public Radio – July 18, 2012

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Connection addiction: a look at the impact of the Internet on the brain. I will be on All Sides with Ann Fisher on July 18th, 2012. The full line up is below: Guests Dr. Gary Small, Director, Longevity Center, Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior, UCLA; Dr. Pauline Wallin, member and past President, Media Psychology Division,… Read more

Educator says fun is key to help students with ADHD succeed – NBC WDIV

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Fun can be the currency to help students excel in classroom Click here to read the full interview.  DETROIT – An educator in Bloomfield Township opens his home to high school students several nights a week. Kevin Roberts is an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder specialist. He holds study sessions for high school students who have ADHD… Read more