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PRESS RELEASE: Schindler’s Gift

Contact: Kevin Roberts, 248-867-3591

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI. The EmpowerADD Project and ADDISS announce the release of Kevin Roberts’ book, Schindler’s Gift: How One Man Harnessed ADHD to Change the World, available September 21, 2018. This book will appeal to those interested in new insights about the remarkable life of Oskar Schindler and to those teaching, parenting, and working with individuals with ADHD. Each chapter offers a “Raising Schindler” section that draws parenting and life lessons from the details of Oskar Schindler’s life. Roberts uses Schindler as an example of how people with challenges often have the gifts needed to make the world a better place.

After traveling to Poland numerous times to work with archival documents and talking with experts on Oskar Schindler, Roberts is convinced that a diagnosis of ADHD explains Schindler’s successes and failures. Roberts has guided tours of youth and their families to Poland to visit Schindler’s factory and has held Schindler out as a shining example of what people with ADHD are capable of when their talents and preferences are valued and understood. Thom Hartmann, author and nationally-syndicated radio host, says: “You will discover in these pages a great deal about the Holocaust, and learn how to help your loved one by finding and nurturing his or her true gifts. This book is changing the world.”

While highlighting Schindler’s accomplishments, Roberts paints a complete picture, showing how and why the man failed to succeed in traditional settings before and after World War II. The book covers Oskar’s hatred of school, experiences as a spy, and stint as a professional race car driver. The narrative, Roberts maintains, highlights the need to provide treatment for ADHD and other mental-health challenges so that people like Oskar Schindler can use their gifts to contribute to society. President of ADHD Europe, Andrea Bilbow, OBE, says that in reading this book, “parents will recognize their own little ‘Schindlers’ and will have the tools to help them become successful adults who are unafraid to stand up for themselves and others.” The intended audience for this book is anyone interested in the Holocaust, ADHD, and the possibility of overcoming challenges, and especially those with an ADHD loved one.

Roberts is the author of three others books, including Movers Dreamers and Risk-Takers: Unlocking the Power of ADHD (Hazelden 2012). Fluent in multiple languages, Roberts travels the world speaking about the power and peril of ADHD. He has run ADHD Empowerment groups for teenagers for the last two decades, holds a Master’s degree in ADHD studies from Antioch University, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan. He recently appeared on ABC’s 20/20 as a national expert on an episode about screen addiction, as well as on the BBC’s FiveLive.