This blog post was written by Alex Puzey, recovering cyber addict and frequent contributor.  Alex, whose life used to play out only online, wonders if the real world is starting to go cyber.

The trend for human life to play out through the cyber world is only intensifying. Social networking through Facebook, Twitter, and blogging continue to supplant face-to-face contact.  Human life increasingly plays out in cyber land. Now, even the sacred institution of marriage has moved into the cyber world.

While tabloids regularly feature titillating tales of internet dating gone bad, one man has sought to give a good name to cyber romance. Gary Hudston, something of a computer adept, has found a most intriguing application for a popular PC game. Through Portal 2, an action-packed, puzzle-solving game,  Hudston(with help) created a level modification that allowed him to propose to his soon-to-be wife while she played the game.   While some have scoffed at Hudston’s choice to not propose face to face, sources say that the bride-to-be marveled at her man’s uncommon creativity.  Cyber boundaries are being crossed and the exponentially-increasing pace of technologically-driven change shows no signs of slowing.  Hudston showed us that the boundaries of the cyber world have no end in sight.

Click on the video to see Hudston’s brilliant mind at work.



3 Responses to “Portal to Proposal: Marriage through the Cyber World”

  1. Jerry says:

    Alex, let me say that I support and encourage you in your continuing recovery. What I think is most interesting about your post is that it shows how you have gone from being a cyber junkie to a cultural observer. Thanks for keeping the rest of us informed. I watched that video and was amazed. I think this thing is going to be becoming increasingly common.

    • kevin says:

      Thanks Jerry. We really appreciate your continued support of this blog and of all the cyber addicts out there!

    • Betsy says:

      ik heb gelezen dat lieke en christof hun laatste draaidag tegelijk hebben gehad!dus dat ligt er wel dik bovenop dat ze dan samen wewaagn.edgin en lucas moeten wel bij elkaar terugkomen anders stop ik met kijken (ik kijk nu al minder haha)

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