The Comeback Kid

I went to the pre-season opening game for the Detroit Lions yesterday. I went because I was invited by my friend, Quinn Pitcock, who was signed by the Lions, but still has to prove himself to end up on the final roster. Quinn, a recovering video game addict, got in a fair amount of playing time. He deflected a pass, but his chief role was that the Bengals offense double-teamed him a good deal of the time, perhaps aware of the 340-pound, All-American defenseman’s powerful potential. During the second quarter—Quinn played the whole second quarter— the Bengals offense settled for quick passes to avoid the pass rush. They ran almost always to the side opposite to where Quinn was playing. I will be following Quinn’s comeback. I am really rooting for this guy. Quinn’s story is a compelling one, and one to which many can relate. Check out his struggles!


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  1. joel katz says:

    Hey Kevin,
    I am really impressed with what you have been able to accomplish with Mr. Pitcock. I also admire your bravery considering what the Bears do to those who aid the Lions. I am sure that you recall what the Bears did to the late Quarterback Bobby Lane in 1957. Please take the appropriate precautions such as securing your William Clay Ford bobble head and your Matt Millon autographed general manager of the year award.

    • kevin says:

      JK, thank you for your remarks. I have not done anything to Mr. Pitcock, however. He has done it all himself. I am just a faithful follower of his career. May the Schwartz be with you!

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