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My name is Kevin J. Roberts, and I've made it my focus to transform lives for the better. Whether it's through ADHD or academic support, cyber addiction coaching, public speaking engagements and seminars, or my numerous books and articles, I help my clients unlock their inherent potential to change the world.

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ADHD: Lee C.

Posted on by Kevin.

When I hired Kevin to work with my daughter, I thought I was getting an academic coach who might help relieve some of my daughter’s self-imposed pressure regarding her school work (She is not comfortable in any class where the A grade is not easily attainable).  I had no idea that her relationship with Kevin would transform her life.  I like to think of Kevin as an academic wizard mixed in with a dose of sincere appreciation for children with special needs…and we fit the bill.

She went from a school stress case to an academic all-star.  Kevin’s insight and intuition, along with his tolerance and foresight, helped us through what would have been a “four-year sentence” in high school.  Instead, he turned it into a great and positive social, academic, and personal accomplishment for a child who needed an outside force to help change her life.  My family changed because of Kevin Roberts and without his intervention and total support, my daughter would not be the successful and secure young lady she has become today.  We are most grateful and fortunate to have had Kevin in our lives.

I highly recommend Kevin Roberts as not only an academic coach and tutor but also as an advocate and friend to any child who is slightly off course and requires a wing man to help get them through the tough challenges of today’s academic community.

Lee C.