Kevin J. Roberts

My name is Kevin J. Roberts, and I've made it my focus to transform lives for the better. Whether it's through ADHD or academic support, cyber addiction coaching, public speaking engagements and seminars, or my numerous books and articles, I help my clients unlock their inherent potential to change the world.

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My Musings on Minecraft

Posted on by Kevin.

See Kevin interviewed by Teen TV News:  Videogame Addiction interview

BBC News came out with a story the other day that detailed the many useful aspects of the computer game, Minecraft, from the computer-programming mindset the game seems to foster, to building cooperative social skills. While the game certainly has a great deal of addictive potential, I nevertheless concur with the BBC journa…

Is Internet Addiction Real?

Posted on by Kevin.

After Fox News interviewed me last week, I have been inundated with requests to appear on radio and by print journalists from around the world. I just got off the phone, in fact, with a journalist in Iceland. These well-meaning folks have all asked me whether or not Internet Addiction is a real disorder, so I decided to write a blog addressing this issue.

Officially, Internet Addiction is not…

The Screen Addicts of Silicon Valley

Posted on by Kevin.

Whenever I speak at a conference, someone always asks me to weigh in on the controversy surrounding whether or not to label excessive cyber behaviors as addiction.  I usually begin to tackle such questions by sharing conversations I have had with video game designers, marketing strategists, and industry executives.  These people understand how the brain works, and they use this knowledge to desi…

I Know What To Do, But I Don’t Do It

Posted on by Kevin.

This post is inspired by Russell Barkley’s contention that the problem with ADHD is not one of information.  ADHD people know what to do, Barkley has so often contended, but they don’t do what they know.  This certainly rings true in my life.  After all, I am a published author and speak about ADHD all over the world, vigorously dispensing advice on how to succeed with ADHD, and extolling t…

Do ADHD People Live Longer?

Posted on by Kevin.

Being good at sitting still, keeping your mouth shut, and settling into routines might be good for school, but not for long life.  A brand new study has found that a gene that is strongly associated with ADHD also strongly correlates with longevity.  This exciting news highlights the fact that an ADHD predisposition carries many benefits, most of which are just not discussed.  The gene variant…