Dear Parents,

I have offered to write this letter of recommendation for Kevin Roberts because I feel very strongly about the impact he has had on the life of my son, Ryan.

When my son was in sixth grade, he began to experience intense anxiety which progressed to a point where he was having difficulty functioning at home and at school, was having suicidal thoughts, and was experiencing full blown panic attacks. I have had extensive background in psychology and the social sciences, and had taught parenting classes for the County Substance Abuse Information Center for several years. Due to my background, I had access to information regarding the best psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services available in my area. Despite these internal and external resources, over the next year and a half, we were only able to moderately mitigate Ryan’s distress with psychotherapy and the use of medication.

Ryan and Kevin became close during Ryan’s eighth grade year. Kevin literally took Ryan under his wing, and cultivated a happy, more socially competent, and self assured person. Over the next year, I watched my son transform in ways which I had not believed possible; Kevin was able to achieve what I as a parent could not, even with the support of the best mental health services available. Kevin continues to impress me with his insight into my son; he is able to identify and clarify for me the issues underlying difficulties I experience with Ryan; with Kevin’s insight, I find I am able to more patiently and effectively work with Ryan.

Within a year of Ryan’s relationship with Kevin, Ryan has been taken off of antidepressants and has been discharged from the services of both his psychiatrist and psychologist. Both doctors are obviously very impressed with Ryan’s progress, and the psychologist has reiterated for me how fortunate we are to have come into contact with Kevin. I know Ryan’s life has been forever changed, and I will be forever grateful.

If I can provide you with further information or answer any questions, Kevin will put us into contact with each other.


Susan W

Kevin was referred to us by the head of our local CHADD chapter. We were looking for someone who understood the challenges of a student with ADD, and would be an academic coach, rather than just a tutor working on specific subjects or assignments. Our son was 15 at the time, had struggled with school for years, and in ninth grade was losing ground every week due to work either incomplete or lost. He definitely had the aptitude to do well, but doubted his ability.

We’d previously received assistance from various tutors (in school and out), homework clinics, and counseling to help with his academic and organizational challenges. Although each professional was able to offer some assistance, unfortunately most were a ‘band aid’ fix. As parents, we were both parent and ‘homework cop,” which caused endless friction in the house, and did not yield appreciable success. Kevin established an instant “no nonsense” rapport with our son, discussing the how and why of the ADD student’s life.

Kevin has been so much more than just a coach to our son. He’s pointed out when we (parents) may be having unreasonable expectations, and when we need to respond more firmly. In addition to one-on-one tutoring and supervised group study sessions, Kevin keeps in contact with our son by phone, email and text messaging. offering reminders and encouragement throughout the week. Kevin has a good working relationship with our son’s school and teachers. Kevin attended the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meeting, providing crucial input on learning modifications and objectives.

Our son enjoys school so much more now that he’s experiencing success. He appreciates having Kevin as an advocate, tutor, coach and friend. His grades, confidence, and well-being have improved. Each of our family treasures Kevin’s abilities, kindness, humor and friendship. We have no reservation about recommending him.

Marge S.

When I hired Kevin to work with my daughter, I thought I was getting an academic coach who might help relieve some of my daughter’s self-imposed pressure regarding her school work (She is not comfortable in any class where the A grade is not easily attainable).  I had no idea that her relationship with Kevin would transform her life.  I like to think of Kevin as an academic wizard mixed in with a dose of sincere appreciation for children with special needs…and we fit the bill.

She went from a school stress case to an academic all-star.  Kevin’s insight and intuition, along with his tolerance and foresight, helped us through what would have been a “four-year sentence” in high school.  Instead, he turned it into a great and positive social, academic, and personal accomplishment for a child who needed an outside force to help change her life.  My family changed because of Kevin Roberts and without his intervention and total support, my daughter would not be the successful and secure young lady she has become today.  We are most grateful and fortunate to have had Kevin in our lives. 

I highly recommend Kevin Roberts as not only an academic coach and tutor but also as an advocate and friend to any child who is slightly off course and requires a wing man to help get them through the tough challenges of today’s academic community.

Lee C.

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